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Fraction on the Limay River , rural zone

Paraje La Lipela, Neuquén, La Lipela

Spectacular fractions between Limay river and national route

Property Information

Limay river coast, in Paraje “La Lipela”, Los Lagos Department, Province of Neuquén, National Route Nr. 40 Km 2094 aprox.(ex National Route Nr.237).

Distance to San Carlos de Bariloche: 55 km.

Distance to Confluencia: 6 km.

Distance to Neuquén: 340 km.

Distance to Buenos Aires: 1,550 km.


The fraction has perimetrical fencing at its sides, without river coast.

The fencing is in excellent condition, with high resistance wire and hard wood posts and rods.

These fractions are a unique group of plots spreading along the river coast; all the contiguous plots are fields of several hectares, none for sale.

This part of the river is excellent for sports fishing.

Permitted uses in River Limay:

The fractions are a private property and they are in the zone of the Nahuel Huapi National Park Reserve.

The planning code for the zone is in process.

Tourist use is especially recommended for the zone.

Since there is no planning code, no technical information is available as for the indicators of occupational factors, implantation areas, etc..

The presentation of a detailed draft before the National Parks office is required.

It is a condition of the National Parks office that the materials to be used in the project must come from the zone: stone, wood, etc.

The project proposal will have to be accompanied by a research of environmental impact together with a plane of altimetry and arboreal report of the fraction.

As an estimate, 1 % of the entire surface of the fraction could be approved as permitted surface for construction, although more square meters can be requested.

Each case is particularly treated according to the submitted project.

The only restrictions are the agricultural, forest and quarries exploitation.

It is not allowed to construct at less than 35 meters of the Limay river bank and additional 15 meters will be left for treatment of sewage liquids not to contaminate the river.

Lot B + Lot C:

Area: 39407,71 m² + 24364,31 m²

Riverfront stretch : 310,42 m + 262,35 m

National road stretch: 306,60 m + 280,19 m

Lote B + C Details: flat area, 4 m above water level, good view

Lot : D

Area: 38179 m² + 48503 m²

Riverfront: 417 m + 281 m

National road stretch: 362 m + 207 m

Details Lot D: Pine tree, poplar and orchards easy access to the rivers sand beach outstanding views of river and surrounding mountains facing North east apt for creating your own trout pond

Details Lot E : spring creek -Los Cornelios- runs through it, year- round water supply perfect for trout pond

Lot : F

Area: 65673 m²

Riverfront: 338 m

National road stretch: 263 m

Details Lot F: widest fraction whith riverfront far from the nation




Ruta Nacional 40 km 2094, Paraje La Lipela, Neuquén, La Lipela

Latitud: 40° 48´ 43.078´´ Sur
Longitud: 71° 6´ 17.143´´ Oeste

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