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Sale u$s 165.000
Arelauquen Golf & Country lot.
Arelauquen Golf & Country, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Arelauquen Golf & Country. Excellent lot with panoramic views. Paved driveway.

  • 4989.40m2 Land
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Lot overlooking the lake, fenced and landscaped for sale.
Villa Campanario, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Excellent landscaped lot, overlooking Lake Nahuel Huapi, with a perimeter fence. Natural, calm and peaceful place, ideal for family residence

  • 1167.00m2 Land
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Fraction on the ring road of Bariloche.
Bariloche, Rio Negro

Fraction on the ring road of Bariloche.

  • 108,00ha Land
Sale u$s 55.000
Rural land in Lezama Lake, Cholila, Chubut
Villa El Blanco- Sector rural, Lago Lezama

Beautiful fraction cypress forest in Cholila subrural sector, near Lezama lake.

  • 10156.00m2 Land
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Fraction forest in Villa Suyai
Villa Suyai, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Fraction forest of 3344 m² in Villa Suyai Km 24, privacy and view

  • 3344.00m2 Land
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Ideal lot for investors in Bariloche. Lake view. Central area facing the lake
Centro, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Downtown lot overlooking the lake, ideal for building construction

  • 568.00m2 Land
Sale u$s 50.000
Lot in the forest, ideal for family house
Villa Lago Gutiérrez, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Lot in the forest.

  • 1040.00m2 Land
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Lot in the forest of Llao Llao
Villa Llao Llao, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Lot in the forest, near Llao Llao neighborhood, peaceful and quiet place, ideal for a residential cottage

  • 3676.00m2 Land
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Flat Lot for sale
Laguna Ezquerra-Morenito, Bariloche, Rio Negro

Lot with architectural proyect for family house

  • 1859.00m2 Land

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